Connecting YOU with deals that add value.
Ecospace's commitment to #valueadd drives us to find you the best deals in the current market.
Ecospace's Mission:
A real estate company that Adds Value. Period. Every day. Every time.
From Investments to Residential Sales, Development or Commercial Leasing and everything in between.
We have a team of experts readily available to help with your specific needs.
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Why Choose Ecospace

We are a team of cool people doing cool things in real estate. We look for forwarding thinking opportunities, adventures, and deals. We are hyper-vigilant in creating efficiency and making things happen. We are not “that guy”. You won’t find any money-driven power suits. We are not industry standard, normal, formal or conformists. Above all else, we seek to add value. #valueadd

Our Focus

A real estate company that adds value


We’re looking for deals and we want to help you find them too. Whether it’s a single-family home, a triple net lease, property in any condition, we want it and we want to help you find it too. We’ll help you maximize your opportunity and find value-add deals. We believe in using real estate to hit our investment and lifestyle goals, and we can teach you how to do the same.



Do you need to buy a house? Do you need to sell a house? Do you need office space? We can help. We are totally qualified, licensed and different than most brokerages. We aren’t just realtors… We are investors who see this as a business AND carry a license as an agent. We bring more to the table than just how a transaction happens. We get the whole context of the process, the market, numbers, finances and the other pieces that will make this process successful for you.

So if you know just enough to be dangerous BUT you recognize that you need someone to educate you on how to do things better and where you can add more value to this process, we are the team to use.



Vacant Land? Split the lot? Tear down what’s there to build what could be? Taking something that doesn’t look like much and of course, ADDING VALUE. As developers and partners in development projects, we can be a resource to buy your lot or we can work out a partnership opportunity.

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Our Driving Force = Add Value

Do Good

The Golden Rule. We do what’s best for our clients, for our community and in general. In our world, and in this business, it’s easy to let “green” (money) outweigh good. You will find us chasing good before we chase money. But don’t worry, we still believe strongly in creating profit so keep reading…

Benefit Others

This is all bigger than just us… By fixing up houses, developing areas, giving something old to someone who sees it as new improves everything for everyone. This ripple effect in the real estate sector does RAD things for people who aren’t even involved in the actual transaction.

Create Profit

By adding value, we can make everyone money which creates freedom. The ability to make money is our right and aim. We seek to see what other people can’t see and lean in to add more value which increases profit for everyone. We aren’t just looking for a “commission deal”, we aren’t “money hungry” BUT we do believe that money gives everyone options and competitive advantage so we ensure that get our clients the best value.

Real Estate is the BEST WAY to add value for yourself and for others around you IF you understand it and work with people who can support you in the process. That’s why we do what we do. This is not just about us but our chance to pay it forward.

Real Estate is a vehicle to create legacy… for yourself… for others… forever.

Jason Lewis - CEO

Clients We Love

Our approach is pretty simple: We take your culture and find a space that is a perfect match. Anybody can present options, but very few can find the one that truly fits you.
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Our Value Add Team

The people who make it happen

Jason Lewis

Jason simply LOVES real estate.  As a young farm kid going to farm auctions he realized he was addicted to the buying/selling of property.  After college, he decided to focus on a more scalable property than farm ground; residential and commercial properties.

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Jon Jenkins

Jon has worked in many aspects of real estate over the past 10 years. He now specializes in investment brokerage for small multifamily properties (2-12 units) in Denver.

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Nick B

Nick comes to Ecospace from the heart of Illinois.  With a current focus on residential and investment purchases, Nick aims to help clients build long-term wealth by presenting them with a variety of valued options and leaving the decision-making in their hands.

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Sam Devorris

Samuel Devorris grew up enjoying the sunshine, surf, and ocean breeze of Los Angeles. Through his education and experience in Colorado, Sam developed a unique relationship and understanding with people, real estate, and technology.

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Maci O'Grady

Maci is the glue that holds all things together. Surrounded by big picture thinkers and deal hunters, she provides the grounding needed to make sure the T’s get crossed and the I’s get dotted.

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Michelle Patton (3)

Michelle enjoys being behind-the-scenes and thrives on supporting others in an administrative capacity in both Property Management and general business functions.

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Jack Ordway

Beginning with acquisition through completed project, Jack aims to add value to the spaces people live, work, and play while remaining conscious of how those spaces interact with the surrounding community. From rezones to rehabs, fix & flips to new developments, Jack is eager to help with our real estate ventures.

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Krista Paul

Krista is 100% focused on real estate investing and creating opportunities for her and other technology investors in her community to diversify their portfolios with investments in cash flowing properties across the Midwest.

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Landon Millsap - Website Headshot template

Using technology, ethical business practices, and a passion for adding value, Landon is currently focused on creating a modern property management company that maximizes returns for investors while doing the right thing.

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