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Why Choose Ecospace

Your company’s culture and needs are unique and your space should be as well. ECOSPACE wants to understand what is unique to your organization. Your space should be a place of inspiration that your team can call home. We are passionate about learning who you are and developing a relationship so that we can provide bespoke services, caring for your people, THE ENVIRONMENT and your bottom line.

Our Focus

Helping high-growth companies make strategic leasing decisions


Starting a business is tough. Office space shouldn’t be. From co-working, to subleasing, to a first suite, there is a need to maximize flexibility, reduce risk and minimize wasted expenditure. 



During a period of hyper growth, many facets of a company evolve. A balance between culture, cost and exposure is required while increasing collaboration and innovation.



Global companies have many decision makers and complex workings that must all align to achieve continued success. Focusing on immediate benchmarks while preparing for effective globalization.

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Our Driving Forces


While rent is the main figure in a company’s financial evaluation of a project, there are numerous other factors we address in lowering the financial impact of your new office. Let us help you increase your tenant concessions, fight for abated rent, obtain free parking, maximize tenant buildout allowance, and aggressively hammer out the best deal for you.


We have a passion for people and for our planet. We will explore with you various options for choosing and creating a space that reflects forward thinking principles aimed at being more environmentally responsible. From choosing a LEED-certified building, incorporating recycling and composting into your space, upcycling an older building, we will help you analyze and execute a strategy that shows your company's concern for our world.

Culture Fit

Every startup is different and shares a unique set of core values and company culture. Your office should be a space that not only matches your vision, but enhances your team’s ethos. We spend time learning your physical office needs and how your company best operates in order to seek out spaces aligned with who you are and the direction you are heading.

A company's office space and culture has never mattered to its success as much as it does today.
Jason Lewis - CEO

Clients We Love

Our approach is pretty simple: We take your culture and find a space that is a perfect match. Anybody can present options, but very few can find the one that truly fits you.
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Our Outstanding Team

The people who make it happen

Jason- ecospace

Jason Lewis was born and raised in Kansas and worked his way to Denver, Colorado. He has partnered with technology companies who are focused on high growth and passionate about their products.

Sam Devorris

Through Sam’s education and experience in Colorado, Sam developed a unique relationship and understanding with people, real estate, and technology.

charlie lodge

With over 22 years of commercial real estate experience, Charlie has represented a wide range of users, from large corporate relocation companies to small startup companies.

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McCall Perry

McCall’s passion for small business and real estate propel her interest in alternative work environments, susatinable design and how office space impacts company culture.

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