Sam Devorris

Samuel Devorris grew up enjoying the sunshine, surf, and ocean breeze of Los Angeles. Through his education and experience in Colorado, Sam developed a unique relationship and understanding with people, real estate, and technology. Sam is an avid adventurer and lover of travel – keen to explore new downtown grids and uncover run-down structures. He has a deep knowledge of all things Denver, from public transit to restaurants, events, and history. Sam knows Denver!

Sam’s passion within commercial real estate encompasses the dramatic dichotomy between startup and high-growth technology businesses and the owners of Commercial Office Space. The challenges presented fascinate Sam and encourage a unique approach in delivering the best results to his clients. Sam focuses on buyer/lessee-side representation. He advocates on behalf of users of space and does not have any allegiance towards ownership groups, such as landlords. This strategy helps the end user create the most advantageous situation for their business with the right space.