Office Subleases: Great Way to lower cost, commitment and hassle.

Office Subleases can be a great way to lower cost, commitment and the headache of furnishing a suite.  Our team at Ecospace Commercial likes to feel we are Denver/Boulder’s subleasing experts.  We track new subleases that hit the market dailyand update our list of top options in each submarket.

What is a sublease:

– A sublease the the ability for you to “lease” a space that has an existing lease in place.

What length of term do I have to sign:

– Each sublease has a different expiration date as its based on the expiration of the existing tenant.   We provide subleases that match up to your desired length of term.

Is there a cost savings vs. a direct lease:

– Most subleases come at a discount to what you would pay if you were to lease directly with the landlord.   We have had some subleases that our clients were able to lease at as low as 25% of the existing tenants lease rate.  There can be HUGE savings to be had.

What happens if I want to stay longer:

– Landlords are more than willing to work with us on extending the term of the lease.  The two options is renegotiate direct with landlord at end of sublease term or to negotiate with both sublease and landlord at the start.  The latter allows you to sign long term lease but capture the savings of the sublease up front.

Can I make any changes to the suite:

– Most subleases are “as is.”   But in some circumstances the tenant will make some adjustments to the suite in order to get it leased or if you were to extend the lease direct with Landlord, you could capture Tenant Improvement dollars to make changes.

Where are subleases mostly located:

– Great subleases options can come available in any and all office buildings across the Denver/Boulder office submarket.  We’ll help find one in the submarket that you desire.

Are subleases furnished:

– Furnished or “Plug and Play” subleases are available.  We can negotiate existing furniture, workstations, phones, monitors and office supplies into the sublease as part of the terms.  This can save a significant amount of time and headache when starting a company or opening up a new location.


– Please feel free to contact us below and insert your requirements in the message.  The more details such as size, location, layout, budget and timing is helpful. THANKS!

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