Office Space Renewal: Dr. William Bissell, 1660 S. Albion Street, Denver, CO

Office Space Renewal: Dr. William Bissell, 1660 S. Albion Street, Denver, CO

In 1977  Dr. William Bissell entered the Denver dental world and has been a full time practicing dentist ever since.   He has always chosen to handle the office leases for his practice, Bissell Dental Group, on his own and direct with the landlord.   Given the uncertainty of the economy and the changes the office space sector had gone through in Denver,  Dr. Bissell chose to hire Jason Lewis and Ecospace Commercial as his advisor on his upcoming lease renewal.

“I was dumb enough to try and be my own agent in the past.  Then Jason came into my life and cut through the red tape.  With a couple of letters he was able to get it through and we ended up with the best lease I’ve ever had.  He was able to get us concessions, breaks in the rent and free rent that I never would have gotten by myself.  So we’ve been able to upgrade all of our IT systems, added more digital processes for the dental things we do, we’ve added new products and services into the office to stay abreast to what we do today in our business.”

Jason and the team at Ecospace Commercial negotiated over $40,000 in savings for the Bissell Dental Group.   This included multiple months of free rent, 15%+ savings on the actual rental rate as well as tenant improvement allowance that allowed Dr. Bissell to complete a full update of his space.  Dr. Bissell was able to install custom glass sliding doors for privacy to each dental chair….how cool is that?!

Contact Jason and his team if you or someone you know has a lease renewal coming due.  They would be happy to provide a free lease audit and space consultation to determine what options the tenant might have.