5 Ways to Increase Office Space Efficiency

5 Ways to Increase Office Space Efficiency

Efficiency has become the cornerstone for building a successful business. Despite this new and beneficial trend, many Denver companies are overlooking a major way in which they can greatly reduce overhead, trim costs, and increase productivity and profitability.

Take a look around your office space. You’ll likely see disorganized cube set ups, file cabinets galore, bright lights, empty desks, and a fairly mundane space.  This space, as you already know, is quite expensive. Companies fork out tens of thousands of dollars per year to rent their lackluster spaces.   Overspending on office space that doesn’t suite your individual needs can end up being a draining force on your investment. There are many ways you can turn that lackluster space around in a way that can work for you.

This month’s edition will focus on storage space. Here are 5 ways in which you can reduce wasted space and increase your usable square footage.

  1. Get things off the floor and in the cloud:  File cabinclutterets  take up an incredible amount of space in an office, they also create an eyesore. Research suggests that 80% of the information we create is never used again. We also waste endless hours and days doing file cleanup. By refocusing the money wasted on yearly clean outs, these paper documents could all be turned digital.  Trading in paper for digital means important documents can no longer be damaged or lost. As an added bonus, you will gain valuable square footage in your office to utilize in more beneficial ways.
  2. Organize your current physical storage: By adding proper shelving to your storage units you can eliminate wasted space. Often boxes are stacked in a manner that vertical space above them is wasted.  Customizable shelving that suites your needs can aide in the addition of usable square footage elsewhere. Designate a specific purpose for each area so everyone knows where to place certain documents or items for storage. This allows for quick retrieval and eliminates clutter.  Ikea has some great options that are both customizable and affordable .
  3. Clear off workable surfaces: If we have desktop space, we use it, all of it. Walk through your office space and look at everyone’s desk. Chances are the majority will be covered in what appears to be everything they own. Cluttered desk, cluttered mind; however, cluttered desks also make us believe we need more space for additional clutter. Try to move your workable space from solely horizontal to include vertical spaces. Hang up items such as awards, diplomas and pictures. Try trading in your desk lamp for one that clips to your monitor. By utilizing all the surrounding surfaces of the desk, you reduce the need for sprawling counter or desktop space.  If you area able to cut personal workspace by even 25% you can save thousands on your next lease by either reducing overall square footage, or using the newly available floor space to expand profitable business investments.
  4. OSmovieAllone-machines: Odds are you have a copy machine about the size of a sumo wrestler, a fax machine that makes the noises of the Rocky robot, and several printers scattered around the office that make selecting one from the  “choose a printer option” a nightmare. Having numerous machines takes up both floor and desktop space. This variation can also cause a lot of headache and wasted time. Buying the wrong ink, having thirteen different warranty cards to keep, calling tech support constantly for when each inevitably malfunctions all hurt your bottom line. Investing in a high quality all-in-one machines will save time, money, and frustration. It also creates a sleeker, more professional look in your office space. Here is a great link to all-in-one printers.
  5. Shred, shred, shred: Your inbox, both virtual and physical, is filled with junk-mail. Even the important mail comes with junk in the envelope. Make it a goal to purge your inbox every day and make the immediate decision about what to do with the paper. 90% of the time you should shred and recycle it.  Doing this quick task daily avoids massive pile ups and we all know the larger that pile gets the less we want to look through it.   Lets all shoot for “Inbox Zero.”

Contact us for other ways to maximize your current space or to find a more effective office space layout.