JobAdder is a cloud‐based recruitment management software firm that relocated to the Denver metro area from San Francisco. JobAdder launched in Sydney, Australia and transitioned to the U.S. as an expansion market. They initially landed in the San Francisco Bay area with hopes of a great market, but quickly realized the best long‐term solution was in another market: Denver, Colorado. The cost of leasing space in Denver is significantly less than leasing costs in San Francisco’s startup‐saturated environment, a significant factor in JobAdder’s move. CEO Brett Iredale began his search for JobAdder’s new headquarters and reached out to several commercial real estate agencies in Denver. Jason Lewis of Ecospace responded within ten minutes and met with Iredale when he first arrived in Denver. Our Ecospace team showed JobAdder a variety of buildings around LoDo, the Financial District, and other parts of downtown Denver, but all signs kept pointing back to LoDo with its bright future.

Helping an international company like JobAdder make a smooth transition to Denver is a dynamic opportunity for Ecospace. Iredale shares about his experience working with Lewis and his team, “Jason is incredibly responsive and listens more than he talks. He’s very professional and does what he says he’s going to do. He did what needed to happen to get us the space that we needed. He was very positive and patient throughout the entire process. I would recommend Jason and Ecospace above any and all others.” JobAdder found its new home in a beautiful 7,100 ft.2 section of the Saddlery Building at 1500 Wynkoop Street. It provides plenty of space for the ever‐growing JobAdder team to celebrate its successes and expand into its new Denver workspace. Finding the perfect place for JobAdder’s influence to grow as a Denver‐based tech firm is one of the most rewarding accomplishments of our Ecospace team.

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