Inversoft provides meaningful ways for companies to better connect with their customers and prospects through forums, support portals, profanity filtering, moderation, and user management. Inversoft works with enterprises ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations across multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, education, entertainment, gaming, and consumer goods. Their previous workspace was in the basement section of an older building in LoDo. It was a lower‐end quality of space that didn’t offer the level of professional engagement Inversoft wanted to present to clients and prospects. Inversoftwas looking to transition from an open‐style workspace concept to more of a closed office structure for increased productivity. Reducing rent expenses was a secondary priority but the Inversoft team lacked the commercial real estate expertise, available time, and necessary connections to find the right workspace for their growing enterprise. Inversoft’s founder Brian Pontarelli has known Ecospace CEO Jason Lewis for several years. From the very start, our Ecospace team scheduled tours of the properties that the Inversoft team wanted to visit. We were able to find and tour Inversoft’s eventual new space the same day it came available. Inversoft obtained a letter of intent and made a timely offer because of our efficiency working together. Inversoft founder Brian Pontarelli shared about their experience working with our Ecospace team, Jason Lewis and his Ecospace team were very professional and timely in presenting us with potential workspaces for our growing company. Working with Ecospace alleviated lots of additional hours for me and my team and made the process much more comfortable. We would definitely recommend Ecospace to any tech company looking for a new workplace in the Denver area. Inversoft’s new workspace provides a warm and inviting space to welcome clients with a more professional atmosphere. Having a more closed‐concept office layout is also allowing the Inversoft team to thrive in their new space.

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