Big Ladder Software

by Christine Rhoadesc, July 23, 2016

Big Ladder Software is a software consulting company that develops and supports engineering software tools for the building energy modeling industry. They help engineers and architects maximize energy-efficiency while supporting several software products from the U.S. Department of Energy, such as the EnergyPlus simulation engine.

Founder and President Peter Ellis began Big Ladder in 2009 after serving at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. The Big Ladder venture quickly grew into a small team of five members with a virtual office structure. Before connecting with Ecospace, the Big Ladder team conducted business and met with clients in a variety of locations, including coffee shops. Ellis and his team knew a physical office space would create more opportunities for collaboration among the team as well as a professional workspace they could invite clients to experience.

Big Ladder wanted a downtown Denver workspace because of its central location to a geographically diverse team, ranging from Parker to Lafayette and northwest Denver. They also wanted an open office plan that allowed the entire team to be in one space. One challenge they faced was that due to budget parameters and team size, they needed a smaller workspace less than 5,000 ft.2 in area.

They previously attempted to secure their own space by directly contacting property management companies and real estate owners with no success. In their own words,

“They [property managers and owners] weren’t sure what to make of us. They didn’t feel like they could trust us or that we would even follow through on our lease.”

After a couple of unsuccessful endeavors, Big Ladder contacted our Ecospace team after reviewing our online postings among commercial real estate space in the Denver metro area. Big Ladder specifically wanted a reclaimed brick-and-timber workspace with elevated ceilings. There are only a handful of brick-and-timber properties that fit their needs available in the downtown Denver area, so we knew our work was an exciting opportunity.

Peter Ellis talked more about his experience working with Ecospace,

“Jason is very personable and easy to spend time with. He was very patient with us because we weren’t in a rush and knew exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend working with an agent and brokering an agreement with any property manager or owner. Ecospace knows the properties, has relationships in place, and can help you find the perfect place to grow your company in Denver.”

Because of Ecospace’s unique property connections, we helped identify pricing trends, review all available spaces, and even navigate negotiation terms with Big Ladder. Jason Lewis helped Big Ladder secure their new space off Market between 16th and 17th Street that fits both their aesthetic taste and their business needs.

Big Ladder is now able to fully experience the value of their first physical office space. It’s helped improve collaboration, increase morale, and elevate their business credibility in the eyes of current and prospective clients. Even though they were a highly reputable company before entering their new space, the central visibility of a downtown Denver workspace lends added credibility for future business opportunities.