by Christine Rhoadesc, July 22, 2016

Kevin Kelly launched Application Experts, LLC (App‐X) in 2006 as a direct correlation of the power of the SalesforceR platform and the CRM demands of Private Equity management. App‐X is the leading provider of flexible, web‐based software solutions for Alternative Asset Fund Managers, Institutional Investors, and Impact Investors and has been experiencing strong growth over the years. With this momentum, they quickly outgrew their Broomfield‐based workspace when their staff reached almost 25 team members. App‐X wanted to pursue repurposing or even expanding their current space as an alternative to relocation when looking at options of how to best address this growth. App‐X has a fantastic culture of community for their staff as exemplified by their mission to create “a source of energy, inspiration, and abundance for our employees, clients, and partners.”

This vision inspires so much of their work culture and day‐to‐day operations. They even have a Crock Pot Wednesday where staff gathers together for a group lunch. We wanted to capture their unique company vibe in how we approached their future workspace needs. Their workspace was approximately 5,000 ft.2 of light industrial office space. Our Ecospace team helped App‐X consider the logistics of reworking their current space, expanding into an additional 2,500 ft.2 of warehouse space adjoining to their old space, and uniting the two spaces into one large workspace. Most importantly, we wanted the newly combined space to reflect the unbelievable environment that makes App‐X so unique. They needed a larger meeting space for their staff purposes that they could also open up to nonprofits after hours to assist in their growth. Although Ecospace didn’t stand to directly benefit from an actual relocation by App‐X, it was our commitment to serve App‐X that highlighted our time together. We helped connect Kevin Kelly and the App‐X team with contractors, office furniture distributors, and other professionals to help maximize transforming their space. The new workspace expanded with a much larger kitchen and meeting area with table seating for around 100 people. Now, every morning when staff arrives, they can enjoy a welcoming space to mingle and start their day. It serves as a large communal space that encourages interactivity and spontaneous collaborations. The intention was to create a highly attractive workspace in an area of Broomfield that communicated an urban and modern context.

Building out their new space helped App‐X gain clarity. In their own words, repurposing and expanding their former space caused App‐X to be more proactive in inviting their industry connections to enjoy the newly expanded space. It’s allowed them to host industry events, entertain Private Equity clients and prospects, and better support the work of growing nonprofits after hours. We’re honored to share these words from App‐X founder Kevin Kelly, First and foremost, I have recommended that people connect with Ecospace because they are advocates of creating engaging spaces for companies. The core purpose of our company is to be a source of energy and abundance for others. Our new of ice space infuses energy to our team. Jason Lewis’ approach and understanding of the startup world helps solve workspace needs for startups through an incredible auxiliary of providers. He’s actually built relationships and a community for the greater good of others. Ecospace has a variety of ideas to help maximize your workspace both for need and for future function. Thank you, App‐X, for letting us connect you with the right information and contacts who transformed your old space into a beautiful new opportunity.